Our unique kantha quilts are made just for us in India by talented artists.

Each quilt is unique and different as the artist that lovingly made it. No two are alike. They are made from vintage cotton sarees sewn with a light batting in the middle with long running stitches called Kantha.  Each stitch is painstakingly hand sewn by a technique taught throughout the generations.  There may be little sewn patches or other unique textural stitches as they sew together the previously worn sarees.  This gives the kantha quilt it's charm and story.   

Nothing is thrown away in India and they recycle much of their textiles where sarees take on a new life and form.  You now have the opportunity to enjoy a piece of India....a work of art.  

The artists that design these quilts are paid a fair wage and with each purchase you support a family in India.

Perfect for that impromtu picnic, an excellent beach blanket. awesome table cloth or even make curtains or clothing from your new kantha quilt.

To care for your new quilt, wash in cool water on gentle in your washer with a gentle soap such as Uncorn Baby Wash. Tumble dry on gentle or hang to dry. For best results dry clean.  Do not use bleach or keep out in the sun for extended periods of time ie. days. The colors can fade.  Fabric:  Cotton.  

You will receive a sample of Unicorn Baby Wash soap.  Each quilt is freshly laundered by us in Unicorn Baby Wash soap and lovingly packaged.


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