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High-Quality Worsted Spun Yarns Since 1898

In the winter of 1884, Uriah B. Jagger, his wife Martha and their four children left Bradford, England. He was a yarn spinner and had obtained employment with Goodall-Sanford Mills, located in Sanford, Maine.

In 1898, Uriah's two sons, Samuel and Fred, started Jagger Brothers in Springvale, Maine. In 1904, after leasing several locations, they purchased a dilapidated structure on the Mousam River in South Sanford. The property was known as the Willard Mill Privilege.

Incorporated in 1906, Jagger Brothers continued operations at the South Sanford location until 1956. During this time, machinery was powered by one water turbine. Yarn volume produced was dependent on the water of the Mousam river.

The company moved to Springvale in 1956. Allan, Winston, and Robert Jagger, (Sam's sons) purchased a building that had formerly been used by Goodall-Sanford Mills as a weaving plant.

Today, the company continues at that location on Water Street today, more than 100 years after it was founded.
JaggerSpun, a division of Jagger Brothers, offers you a unique collection of 100% worsted spun wool and wool-silk yarns that are developed and

We manufacture dyed, heather, and white yarns spun from 100% wool and blends with natural and synthetic fibers.


Jagger Spun Yarn

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