Vintage Cotton Kantha Quilt, "The Perfect Memory" - 88" x 52"
Vintage Cotton Kantha Quilt, "The Perfect Memory" - 88" x 52"

Vintage Cotton Kantha Quilt, "The Perfect Memory" - 88" x 52"

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This kantha quilt is lightweight, cozy and soft.  The perfect weight to cover up with on a cool evening or toss over the arm of a chair for an inviting seat.

Size:  88" - 52"

Do you remember as a child playing that matching game with little cardboard squares called Memory?  They had themes like farm animals or trendy cartoon characters.  Oddly enough, one of my most vivid memories of young childhood was laying on my bed, in the midday summer sunlight coming through my windows, and repeatedly playing a game of Memory.  With each game I improved my time but was quizzically stumped by the lack of predictable patterns.  With no one watching as to prove me otherwise, I was the self declared queen of Memory.  A title I still hold today.  

We all know, and cannot hide from, the fact that smell and music are two of the biggest triggers of memories.  So while I was venturing into a well known routine of my work day I wasn't prepared for the flashback I would experience when opening "The Perfect Memory" Kantha Quilt.  Those rows of squares suspending innocent little shapes immediately sent my eyes searching for their match.  Either I am just as good at this game as I was an undisclosed number of years ago, or there aren't that many choices.  The answer is both.  

The soft colors of this quilt and timeless print is about as adorable as you can find these days without commercialism or YouTube cat videos.  Loveable by both old and young this quilt is a priceless addition to any home that wants to evoke comfort and kindness.  With any luck, a few good memories will be made.       


Small imperfections are to be expected and adored as each quilt is made from vintage cotton Sari.

Made in India

Wash before use