COLOR POP combed top - South American/viscose blend GREEN GABLES - THREE OUNCES

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South American wool base blended with pop of viscose fiber to give it a tweed look.  Light, medium and dark pinks make up the viscose bits.

This is a professionally blended combed top (worsted prep).

Normally $5 an ounce, but today only $3.00 an ounce so you can try this really new fiber.

Soft South American wool as the base blended with a dyed viscose fiber. The viscose will not dye using acid dyes, so if you over dye this fiber it will make some really cool effects.  Dyeing it with acid dyes would only dye the wool keeping the viscose white. When spun up it will produce a tweed-like yarn.

The South American wool is a nice, soft wool.  It has a micron range of 25-26 microns with a staple length of around 75-80m.



 This is some I spun from a carded batt

Card a few colors for a cool effect