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Welcome to the group sale page. We run group wholesale sales once a month and anyone is free to join in.  If you are an online store or even a brick and mortar this will allow you to enjoy some nice profits.

This is how it works

1.  We will send you a notification of when the sale will take place. 

2.  You place your order for top quality fibers at wholesale prices.  

3. The sale runs for three to four days.

4. At the end of the sale, the order is placed as one big group.

5. Generally, shipping time is about 10 - 14 working days.  Shipping maybe delayed due to weather or holidays. We get your fibers out to you as soon as we receive them.

6.  You enjoy your fibers.

Sign up on the form at the top of this page for notifications of our next group sale. See you soon!